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About Us


For students who are enrolled in the Tree of Knowledge Learning Academy (TOKLA) program, there is Doresh. Similar to the Interpersonal-Dynamics Club model, which is available throughout the world of education and schools, Doresh is there to focus around culture, social dynamics, self-interest and building self-esteem. Doresh looks to satisfy the needs and demands of the students in schools, based on environment, tradition, and culture. Doresh coordinates wraparound services that the students require to feel culturally acclimated and offers students and families a culturally acceptable setting, which has the oversight they expect and the staff they can have confidence in. Doresh offers evening, weekend and holiday activities, religious services, kosher certification for food and general cultural oversight, which is all scheduled around the Tree of Knowledge Learning Academy (TOKLA) program and calendar.  


For more information call the Doresh office at (305) 705-2211

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