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Rabbi Salfer originally opened Yeshivas Doresh in Cleveland, after having learned in the Cleveland Telshe Kollel for fourteen years. He received his rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Mordechai Gifter, A”H, and Rabbi Chaim Stein A”H. He also earned doctorates in education and clinical psychology, with his research being specifically related to yeshiva students and the MMPI-2 personality assessment. He served as a co-director of the adolescent addiction and dependency counseling program for the University Hospitals network in Ohio.

Rabbi Salfer travels to speak and give guidance in education, social skills, parenting, teaching methods, etc., however, Yeshivas Doresh is his first passion and prime focus. His creativity and energy is supremely felt in the Yeshiva and this is transmitted to his students. The Yeshiva has been videotaping many of Rabbi Salfer’s Torah classes and they have been posting them online on YouTube. The bochorim have begun emulating him and have also recently began giving classes and posting them online as well. This has begun a way to reach many people who are seeking Torah, but need a unique format, while offering an opportunity for the students to begin entering the role as a teacher and to feel that they have what to contribute.

Rabbi Bukspan was Born in Los Angeles and received his Semicha from the Rosh Yeshiva Rav Yaakov Weinberg OBM, as well as earning a masters in Talmudic law. He is a wonderful asset to the Doresh staff and was honored with the “Kesser Torah” award .

Daniel is a mental health professional concentrating on family and marriage counseling. Daniel has experience working with both groups and individuals in South Miami Hospital’s Addiction Treatment Center. While there he led discussions about the difference between spirituality and religion in the context of twelve step recovery. Daniel has also conducted social skills training for young children in grades K-3. Currently, Daniel counsels families and couples in private settings. Daniel holds a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Mental Health and Family and Marriage Counseling. Daniel learned in Talmudic University for five years.

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